Kepla is a CRM, an engagement platform, a database, a communications tool. It’s a platform designed to be the centre of every progressive organisation’s online world. The backbone for your campaigning, organising or fundraising. A platform that you can innovate on, one that will let you run the next generation of amazing online and offline campaigns.

We built Kepla from a simple idea. That in order to make the world better, the charitable organisations on the ground should have world class tools, and that those tools themselves should be non-profit.

We believe in a world where human rights are upheld, where we look after our environment and our communities can thrive with good health and wellbeing.

We build technology that gets us closer to that.

Who We Are

Kepla is built by Agency Ventures, we were formed out of Agency – the creative studio for social change. We’re a charity, furthering human development, justice, equality and sustainability through the technology we build, and the organisations who use it. Raisely – a platform for beautiful fundraising websites – is our other project. We’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Singapore and work with charities across the world.

Agency Ventures is non-profit, registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

You can read more about our launch or see who’s on our team.

If you have questions about how we’re run, or our history through Agency, we’re always happy to chat. Email your questions to [email protected] and we can set up a time.