We’ve just sent live a swathe of updates to Kepla, with a few new features, changes to existing tools and a handful of bug fixes.

Here’s the full rundown on what’s changed:

New Features

  • File uploads
    You can now upload files to records and activities with the new “File Upload” fields. Head to Settings > Types to add the field to your records, or Settings > Activities to add it as a custom field on one of your activities.
  • Email notifications for tasks
    Now when you’re assigned to a new task in Kepla, you’ll receive a short email letting you know with the details of the task and a handy link to the record.
  • Order your activity fields
    When editing fields on an activity, you can now designate an order. We’ll show them on your activity form in ascending order.


  • Changes to subscriptions are recorded as an activity
    When someone is subscribed or unsubscribed through a Kepla integration, or through the dashboard, we now record an activity with a timestamp for the unsubscribe, and where it originated from. You’ll see these in the activity feed under the “Kepla” activity type.
  • We removed custom nomenclature
    We’ve removed the ability to rename campaign, fund and source. No one was really using it and it was starting to complicate our code.
  • We removed background images
    They were affecting the load time of the app and would flicker on changes. We may re-add them in the future, but you can still customise your logo and colour.


  • The account page now saves correctly, previously it took a couple of refreshes.
  • Activity categories are listed in alphabetical order
  • The Mailchimp integration is starting to re-add campaign-based activities like opens and clicks. This stopped for a little while.
  • You can now un-pin an activity.
  • The multi-select field is less buggy, you can reselect options after they’ve been removed.
  • Invoices now contain a date.